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Large lobster trap coffee table 32 inches Long

32" lobster trap coffe table
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I have listed one of the features as Native Pine, but most people are not aware that this type of wood is cut here in New England sawmills. The boards measure a full one inch thickness and if it's an 8 inch wide board; you get a full 8 inches.
This lumber is not found in commercial lumber yards.

Native Pine to be sanded and finished
Pine tables are made from New England Native pine

This table is the one that people use the most so I thought I would add more pictures so that you will see all sides of it.It makes a great living room, den or nautical room table. I have had people put things such as CD players and even plants inside of it. It has a great look and will add much to the room. 

oak pins on top of table
There are 6 pins on each table

All tables are glued as well as the uprights are oak pins which are made in my shop. This table is U.S. made right here in New England.All parts are cut and made in my shop. THIS IS NOT AN IMPORT FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY! This type of lobster trap has been used in the past for fishing around Massachusets Bay as well as Nantucket Sound and Buzzards Bay. The kitchen (head)entry is where you see the red  replica lobster. The Parlor head, where the bait is placed on either a bait hook or a bait bag is in the center right of the trap. 

This is the parlor end of the table
There is a pull rope-hand spliced on each table

Lobster traps have a pull rope connected to another rope and then to a buoy on the surface. Now lobster buoys are made out of styrofoam; I make the replica wood buoys for decoration. When I first fished back in the 1970's they were just starting to get rid of the old wood buoys.


Each table has two kitchen entries
There is one on each side of the table

bottom view of lobstertrap coffee table
signed name board on table bottom

table bottom
name board on bottom of table

Each table has a name board on the bottom of the table. This is handcrafted too.

All tables come with plexiglass tops
SHELL items on this table will be on a new web site

This will give you an idea of the different features of the large lobster trap coffee table. They take time to make and are not turned out in cookie cutter fashion. To order go to the order page.

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